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how keep yourself regularly update about the latest SEO trends

how keep yourself regularly update about the latest SEO trends

In order to keep yourself regularly updated about the latest SEO trends, it is important that every business has an online presence. The tactics and practices related to SEO keep changing with time at the drop of Google’s hat. In this article, let’s discuss how Google has changed ever since Jan 2014. You can consider this as a checklist for your SEO efforts.

Go mobile

If you have a website that is mobile device-optimized, you will be provided with an extra portion of SEO value. This is because mobile-friendlywebsites are given added value by Google. Therefore, by making your business present online, it increases the SEO value of your website to a great extent, besides acquiring a great responsive design, thus staying much ahead of your competitors.

Content is Always King

While some companies were literally penalized for buying guest blogging services, decent SEO value is always provided to your business if it delivers good content.When it comes to great content, people think only about blog posts. Little do they know about other things such as infographics and videos which are effectively used to share information while adding SEO value.

Social media is Crucial

While the overall rankings are not directly affected by the content of your business on social media, possessing positive social signals always help SEO. This is true in the case of Google Plus, wherein there is a tendency of higher content in the search results of individuals who are in your circle. It is therefore important that you have social sharing modules included on your website so that your content can be shared easily.

Apart from enabling your content to rank higher than that reflected by search-engine results, more value is offered by Google Plus. This holds true if there is plenty of interesting content posted regularly by your business.


how stay updated regularly on SEO trends


how stay updated regularly on SEO trendsIn order to stay updated regularly on SEO trends, there are a couple of things that you need to be sure about. This article talks about the process that lets you stay in the loop –

  • Create a Twitter Stream

One of the social networking platforms that are ideal for real-time news is Twitter. You could create a stream and include some SEO related terms in it such as “Google Panda”, “Google algorithm” or “Google Penguin”. BY just including terms such as SEO, you will be overwhelmed by the huge number of tweets that will start coming in. It is therefore important to keep it specific and direct.

  • Subscribe to SEO related Blogs

Whenever there is major SEO related change, SEO blogs are flooded with content that is helpful for the world to gain information from it and be benefitted. To make sure that you don’t miss out on anything, you could take an email subscription or set up your very own RSS feed. You might come across articles that might not be applicable to you, but that’s fine as long as you’re kept in the loop about the latest trends and updates that impact your business.

  • Use Google Webmaster Tools

Apart from the fact that these tools are used to ensure proper optimization of your website, they also feature a wide variety of resources that help you understand SEO best practices in a clear way including information such as how Google crawls across your entire site, etc.

  • Set aside 20-30 minutes every week

If you really wish to stay in the loop about SEO, it is important that you set aside sometime in order to understand everything about SEO. By checking in on a weekly basis, you can be sure of being regularly updated.

how to start seo business

how to start seo business

If you want to set up a new SEO business of your own, the first thing you need to have is a website. If you are not sure about how a website can be built, there are plenty of online guides that will help you build one in a few minutes. It is recommendable to use GoDaddy for your domain and BlueHost for hosting your website.

Once a WordPress site us built and it gets live the next step is to have a design that looks professional on it. One option that you consider is to have it custom designed and this will cost you just a couple of dollars or pounds. If you’re looking at an easy and cheap option, you can go for a professional theme that is completely customizable.

Now that your website is set up, the next step is to work on getting clients on a regular basis. Begin with browsing online directories to find pieces of information related to these businesses and then come up with business names, their addresses, email addresses and phone numbers, a tiresome process.

By using softwares such as Power Leads Pro X, you can conduct an automatic search on Google Maps to find out business listings specified using the business name. It alsoget to gather businesses at a national level, state level or city level.

Following are the available payment options:

  • Standing Order: In order to get your clients billed automatically each month, a standing order can be set up.
  • Cheque: There are still some business owners who do things the old way by choosing to pay by means of a cheque instead of embracing the easier method, online banking.
  • PayPal: This is never a good site and is not good for transaction processes to take place.



link building strategies for seo


It is not always easy to get authority links unless you know some smart ways to do it behind the scenes. A simple formula for link building that always works is as follows:

 Links – Exceptional content+ Added Value+ Targeted Outreach.

The most important part about the above formula is that you need get great stuff published in front of the target audience. This is exactly what people do. They email thousands of people with a small ray of hope that somebody will link to them.

The best method to add value to your content is the Guestographic Method, a technique of link building wherein infographics are used in a unique way like never before. In other words, you are bribing people and enticing them to publish your infographics on their site instead of begging others to share it.

An infographic can be considered as a visual blog post which means the better your content is the better it will perform. Therefore you need to be selective about stuff that gets included.

According to Neil Patel, your data is to be limited to about 6 to 8 data points.Any infographic that has 50 data bits is tough to digest, while an infographic that has a strong focus covers vital information and is very easy to remember. This means that it is most likely that your stuff is shared and linked.

You also need to know the difference between layout and design. The reason that majority of amazing infographics fail is because they concentrate too much on design.

Now that your infographic is published on your website, you need to know where your link targets are located. You could start off by looking for websites that have readily published content about your keyword.

Finally, here’s how you bribe your prospects –

  • Choose an interesting topic and portray a cool relevant infographic
  • Enable them to share the same with their target audience who might share the same interest
  • Gift them free content along with the infographic

Giving them free content to complement the infographic

seo optimization techniques


Two terms are most crucial in the case of on-page SEO and that is keyword density and meta tags. This article talks about a checklist that will attract more traffic from even a little bit of content that is published by you. Following are few key take-a-ways:

  • Leverage Permalink URLs that are SEO-Friendly

Make sure that the URL of your page is keyword rich and short. Stay away from ugly URLs which are too long and those which have strange tags. Google is getting better than ever in using off-page signals such as co-citations in order to figure out relevancy. It is therefore vital that your URL is kept keyword-rich as it is given more weightage.

  • Make sure your Title starts with Keyword

The most crucial on-page SEO factor is your title tag. Those pages whose titles started with a keyword ranked much higher in comparison to pages that had keyword towards the end or the middle. You always don’t have to start off with a target keyword. But if you’re particular about a certain keyword, ensure that it’s put in the beginning.

  • Shine with Multimedia

It’s not always about text as your content goes only to a certain distance. Increase the time the user spends online by incorporating engaging pictures, diagrams and videos into your content. Your content is made appealing and better when you add cool multimedia as this helps boost up your user-interaction signals, a feature about which Google is giving a lot of attention. There are more chances for people to link to it, thanks to your enhanced content value.

  • Usage of OutboundLinks

In order to attract more traffic and assist Google to land on the topic of your page, use outbound links to relevant pages to improve your relevancy signals. Your page’s rank gets boosted up when you outbound links are added to authority sites.