how stay updated regularly on SEO trends


how stay updated regularly on SEO trendsIn order to stay updated regularly on SEO trends, there are a couple of things that you need to be sure about. This article talks about the process that lets you stay in the loop –

  • Create a Twitter Stream

One of the social networking platforms that are ideal for real-time news is Twitter. You could create a stream and include some SEO related terms in it such as “Google Panda”, “Google algorithm” or “Google Penguin”. BY just including terms such as SEO, you will be overwhelmed by the huge number of tweets that will start coming in. It is therefore important to keep it specific and direct.

  • Subscribe to SEO related Blogs

Whenever there is major SEO related change, SEO blogs are flooded with content that is helpful for the world to gain information from it and be benefitted. To make sure that you don’t miss out on anything, you could take an email subscription or set up your very own RSS feed. You might come across articles that might not be applicable to you, but that’s fine as long as you’re kept in the loop about the latest trends and updates that impact your business.

  • Use Google Webmaster Tools

Apart from the fact that these tools are used to ensure proper optimization of your website, they also feature a wide variety of resources that help you understand SEO best practices in a clear way including information such as how Google crawls across your entire site, etc.

  • Set aside 20-30 minutes every week

If you really wish to stay in the loop about SEO, it is important that you set aside sometime in order to understand everything about SEO. By checking in on a weekly basis, you can be sure of being regularly updated.