how to start seo business

how to start seo business

If you want to set up a new SEO business of your own, the first thing you need to have is a website. If you are not sure about how a website can be built, there are plenty of online guides that will help you build one in a few minutes. It is recommendable to use GoDaddy for your domain and BlueHost for hosting your website.

Once a WordPress site us built and it gets live the next step is to have a design that looks professional on it. One option that you consider is to have it custom designed and this will cost you just a couple of dollars or pounds. If you’re looking at an easy and cheap option, you can go for a professional theme that is completely customizable.

Now that your website is set up, the next step is to work on getting clients on a regular basis. Begin with browsing online directories to find pieces of information related to these businesses and then come up with business names, their addresses, email addresses and phone numbers, a tiresome process.

By using softwares such as Power Leads Pro X, you can conduct an automatic search on Google Maps to find out business listings specified using the business name. It alsoget to gather businesses at a national level, state level or city level.

Following are the available payment options:

  • Standing Order: In order to get your clients billed automatically each month, a standing order can be set up.
  • Cheque: There are still some business owners who do things the old way by choosing to pay by means of a cheque instead of embracing the easier method, online banking.
  • PayPal: This is never a good site and is not good for transaction processes to take place.