Technical SEO


Two terms are most crucial in the case of on-page SEO and that is keyword density and meta tags. This article talks about a checklist that will attract more traffic from even a little bit of content that is published by you. Following are few key take-a-ways:

  • Leverage Permalink URLs that are SEO-Friendly

Make sure that the URL of your page is keyword rich and short. Stay away from ugly URLs which are too long and those which have strange tags. Google is getting better than ever in using off-page signals such as co-citations in order to figure out relevancy. It is therefore vital that your URL is kept keyword-rich as it is given more weightage.

  • Make sure your Title starts with Keyword

The most crucial on-page SEO factor is your title tag. Those pages whose titles started with a keyword ranked much higher in comparison to pages that had keyword towards the end or the middle. You always don’t have to start off with a target keyword. But if you’re particular about a certain keyword, ensure that it’s put in the beginning.

  • Shine with Multimedia

It’s not always about text as your content goes only to a certain distance. Increase the time the user spends online by incorporating engaging pictures, diagrams and videos into your content. Your content is made appealing and better when you add cool multimedia as this helps boost up your user-interaction signals, a feature about which Google is giving a lot of attention. There are more chances for people to link to it, thanks to your enhanced content value.

  • Usage of OutboundLinks

In order to attract more traffic and assist Google to land on the topic of your page, use outbound links to relevant pages to improve your relevancy signals. Your page’s rank gets boosted up when you outbound links are added to authority sites.