latest seo strategies

latest seo strategies

In order to keep yourself regularly updated about the latest Search engine Optimization SEO trends, it is important that every business has an online presence. The tactics and practices related to SEO keep changing with time at the drop of Google’s hat. This ORLANDO SEO company helped contribute content for this article, let’s discuss how Google has changed ever since Jan 2014. You can consider this as a checklist for your SEO efforts.

Go mobile

If you have a website that is mobile device-optimized, you will be provided with an extra portion of SEO value. This is because mobile-friendlywebsites are given added value by Google. Therefore, by making your business present online, it increases the SEO value of your website to a great extent, besides acquiring a great responsive design, thus staying much ahead of your competitors.

Content is Always King

While some companies were literally penalized for buying guest blogging services, decent SEO value is always provided to your business if it delivers good content.When it comes to great content, people think only about blog posts. Little do they know about other things such as infographics and videos which are effectively used to share information while adding SEO value.

Social media is Crucial

While the overall rankings are not directly affected by the content of your business on social media, possessing positive social signals always help SEO. This is true in the case of Google Plus, wherein there is a tendency of higher content in the search results of individuals who are in your circle. It is therefore important that you have social sharing modules included on your website so that your content can be shared easily.

Apart from enabling your content to rank higher than that reflected by search-engine results, more value is offered by Google Plus. This holds true if there is plenty of interesting content posted regularly by your business.