link building strategies for seo


It is not always easy to get authority links unless you know some smart ways to do it behind the scenes. A simple formula for link building that always works is as follows:

 Links – Exceptional content+ Added Value+ Targeted Outreach.

The most important part about the above formula is that you need get great stuff published in front of the target audience. This is exactly what people do. They email thousands of people with a small ray of hope that somebody will link to them.

The best method to add value to your content is the Guestographic Method, a technique of link building wherein infographics are used in a unique way like never before. In other words, you are bribing people and enticing them to publish your infographics on their site instead of begging others to share it.

An infographic can be considered as a visual blog post which means the better your content is the better it will perform. Therefore you need to be selective about stuff that gets included.

According to Neil Patel, your data is to be limited to about 6 to 8 data points.Any infographic that has 50 data bits is tough to digest, while an infographic that has a strong focus covers vital information and is very easy to remember. This means that it is most likely that your stuff is shared and linked.

You also need to know the difference between layout and design. The reason that majority of amazing infographics fail is because they concentrate too much on design.

Now that your infographic is published on your website, you need to know where your link targets are located. You could start off by looking for websites that have readily published content about your keyword.

Finally, here’s how you bribe your prospects –

  • Choose an interesting topic and portray a cool relevant infographic
  • Enable them to share the same with their target audience who might share the same interest
  • Gift them free content along with the infographic

Giving them free content to complement the infographic